Wednesday, March 9, 2016

dragons & knights on the nine patch baby quilt

oh hey look.
it's that quilt i said i would get posted forever ago!
between bridal showers & gender reveal parties (plus it rolling in to dance recital & wedding season) life is a smidge all over the place.  ANYWAYS.  here's a long overdue post!
at the end of last year, my cousin ben asked me if i would commission another quilt for one of his roommates.  of course, being the boy cousin that ben is, he was 100% helpless when it came for any inspiration.  after what felt like a thousand questions, it finally came forward that the dad of the baby boy to be was a fan of the color green as well as in to science fiction in a dragons and wizards sort of way.  pulling teeth, i tell you.
ebay searching found me this adorable alexander henry fabric, and i had the back figured out.  no clue what the plan was for the front, but at least it was a start.  i was working on aileen's science quilt at the time as well, so clearly this was not going to be a "right away" project anyways (baby wasn't due until March) so it wasn't an immediate purchase need.  after cruising through pinterest quite a bit, and then flipping through some quilt books, i came across the pattern "bugs on the nine patch" in my quilts for babies & kids book, and it was perfect.  a quick trip to joann's and i was prepared to quilt.  i ended up knocking everything out around christmas time, and then packed it all up to hand sew on the way to disneyland.  clearly, it sat around folded for awhile before being photographed, but we had some crazy up and down weather at the time (much like is going on right now).
without further delay, here's more quilt goodness!
as you can see, i kept the quilting very simple, since i didn't want to compete with the design going on in the nine patch. simple stitch in the ditch following the diagonal lines and around the second border.
the feedback i got? according to my cousin, his roommate says if he has any say in it, this will be the baby's favorite blanket.
boo yah!
now i need to get back to knocking out a few more projects so i can blog again!

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  1. I love love that Alexander Henry fabric. We need to get our quilt on together again.