Tuesday, July 26, 2016

musical charm (and 10!) squares quilt

it is officially that time of year for the donner mine music camp quilts!  not too long ago, i posted the baby girl charm (and 10!) squares quilt, and mentioned you'd be seeing another version of that quilt again soon... well, here it is!
when i saw this quilt pattern had two different size options, i was very excited to play with it again and make it larger.  elizabeth hartman's pattern had a 5" baby quilt square pattern and a 10" square pattern which made a twin sized quilt.  i wanted it to be something inbetween, so i made my squares 8" which allowed the quilt to end up around lap sized which was exactly what i was looking for.
with all the fabric that we've gained over the past year or so, we had quite the mix to choose from. i decided to go with just the two tone black and white prints as to not make it TOO crazy all over. this helped save some more variety for the week 2 quilt as well, which was a plus!
i couldn't find the black on black print i was initially looking for, so instead i found this other one that had the feel of little music notes with the circles and lines.  i used it for the back as well, which worked perfectly.
the binding i used was the black on black trebel clefs i've become so fond of (and has found their way in to most if not all of the music quilts i've done for the camp)  this quilt came together so quickly, i had both this one and the baby version done within a week!  lisa asked me how i could do the same quilt patterns multiple times, and i think part of it is seeing how different they turn out with different fabrics.  while the layout is the same, the baby quilt and the music quilt look completely different and that's fantastic!  it will be interesting to see how next year's version of this quilt turns out, since that seems to be the tradition with these music quilts.  next year this will be week 2's quilt, and i'll have to find something new for week one.
on that note, be sure to come back next week to see week 2's (this week of camp) quilt this year.  as a hint, here's what it looked like last year during week one: music themed amy butler's daisy chain

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  1. This is VERY black and white... I don't know why I thought you were exaggerating....