Tuesday, August 2, 2016

musical amy butler daisy chain 2.0

as mentioned last week, this quilt has "graduated" to week 2 of donner mine music camp this year after being last year's week 1 quilt(see it here).  lisa found this quilt initially years ago, and this will be the 4th time that i've made some variety of this quilt using this style of block.  once as a queen size wedding quilt, once as a baby quilt, and now twice as the size the pattern actually describes.  i hadn't actually looked back at last year's quilt before putting this post together, and wow, what a difference between the two!  just the differences in the border alone make all the difference to show while they are the same quilt, they look totally unique in their own.
i really love doing this quilt pattern, despite how LONG it takes to put the blocks together. pin 48 blocks, sew, iron, repeat a bajillion times. then trimming the blocks all before they can be sewn together. bah!  the fact that the strips are sewn to a foundation piece of fabric is awesome, since it really helps keep things in place.
the last few times i have done this quilt i left out the 5" strips, but for some reason this time i felt obligated to leave a few of them in.  kind of shook things up a little bit, that's for sure.  i also noticed i had a lot of one direction fabrics this time (in particular one with words all over it) so i had to keep more of an eye on which way the fabrics were going when i put the blocks together as a whole.
see? there are those treble clefs again!  i used them a bit within the blocks, but when i forgot to keep one of the fabrics in a big 2 yard chunk for the borders, i had to find whatever joann's had to offer.  and of course, there they were waiting for me at the store :)  i did use one of the music prints for the binding, which really popped.  i had originally planned that the treble clefs would be there, but hey, plans change it seems!
 i am also quite fond of the backing fabric i used.  you can hardly tell the seam runs straight down the middle to make the pieces large enough!  i was pretty proud of myself for getting this done within a week as well, as i spent the sunday of week 1 doing some of the binding in the car on the way to take the camp photo.  multitasking for the win!  (not multitasking by hand sewing and driving though... that sounds all bad)
this one was a little larger than week one's quilt this year, but definitely still a good size.
it seems this idea of doing a quilt raffle each week has been a successful fundraiser for the camp, and i'm excited that i get to keep being part of it.  now maybe next year i'll FINALLY get ahead of the game and not spend the last week of june and beginning of july in crunch time to get these done!  and as fun as it always is to do these, i am excited to take a break from staring at music fabrics for days on end :)

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