Tuesday, October 25, 2016

boba fett pillow pet

ok, i suppose calling this a pillow pet is not even accurate, but it was a good enough rhyme for me.
i've had this post drafted out and apparently set to post since august.  oops!
waaaaay back at the beginning of the year (pre-aileen wedding.  pre-aileen birthday even) someone on a facebook group was looking for someone to test a pattern for her star wars mini quilt swap.  when i saw the design, i knew i had to try it out for her!  she sent me the pattern after a few tweaks, and i went about bought the perfect shades of kona cotton to make this boba fett creation.  i used pieces leftover from aileen & ben's wedding quilt for the background around his head.
i knew that aileen would really have no use for a mini quilt, so i turned him in to a pillow cover.  i used the same type of tutorial that i did for the beauty and the beast themed pillows last year, and it turned out great!  he's a little larger than your average throw pillow, so hopefully aileen and ben will find a home for him.  even though ben apparently despises throw pillows.
pattern designed by: radioactive_squirrel
and there you have it! consider this a hopeful reboot to catching up on posting.

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  1. Love this pillow. I'll have to check out her other designs.