Tuesday, November 1, 2016

blush & gold rose ruffle apron

that's right, another ruffle apron!
melissa got married a month ago, and prior to that we had her bridal shower!  as i have in the past, i decided to make her a ruffle apron that matched her wedding colors and add some girly-ness to the kitchen.  joanns had this perfect coordinating fabric that was in blush pink and ivory (also seen in navy on aileen & ben's argyle quilt) with little gold rose accenting to it that was so very melissa.  my sister was home for a week during that time, so stepped up to the plate and modeled this apron for me.
unfortunately, the link i had for this apron doesn't seem to work anymore :(
one tool that i'll say has made a world of difference for this apron is using a rolled hem foot on the edges of the ruffles.  they look SO much more crisp and clean than using a seam gauge.

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  1. Beautiful of course! Good note about the rolled hem foot. I need to remember that!