Tuesday, November 22, 2016

giraffe abstractions for baby a

you know how sometimes you get those perfect gift ideas in your head, and no matter how hard you try you just can't let it go when the time is right?
this is one of those moments.
i had this moment previously when it came to making the lion king quilt for amy, and it happened yet again when my friend sarah announced she was pregnant.  sarah is a big giraffe enthusiast, and when i saw violet craft's jungle abstractions series, the giraffe was instantly perfect.  i knew the quilt was going to HAVE to happen, but i waited for the gender to figure out what shades to do the background.  she announced she was having a baby girl (yay!) and after hemming and hawing over pink, i decided to go for purple, which was also one of her wedding colors.  i printed my pattern pieced, purchased my fabric and packed it all to take to colorado with me in october where the fun all began.  while i had plenty of time to do this project, i obviously waited until last minute to get it going.  knocked it all out in a matter of weeks, and then got to celebrate at their baby shower.  here's a whole lot of giraffe fun!
i just love the little giraffe face and footies!
there were so many of these big pieces, which were likely just as frustrating as the tiny ones. its so much easier to keep little pieces in pace, while the big ones just flop around to their little heart's desire. oy!
it was so fun to see sarah reach in to the bottom of the gift back and exclaim, "and an emily blanket!" her mom was also at amy's baby shower, so she was just as excited, but i don't think either of them knew the giraffe-ness that was in store for her. i'm so excited for raymond and sarah and their soon to be little baby girl. january is going to be oh so baby-ful! her mom


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this quilt. I'm sorry I never saw it in person (completed!)

  2. Beautiful. How did you decide how to substitute the green for the purple? What line of solids did you use?

    1. Hi Paula!
      I looked in to the purple shades, and looked at what would compare in the same tonalities to the greens.
      i used the kona colors line for all parts of the quilt :)