Thursday, December 28, 2017

patchwork pumpkin quilt

when i first saw this quilt pattern pop up on instagram, i knew it was one that i would want to do someday.  it got put in to the back of my brain just as that, a "someday" quilt.  some point in the fall, while wandering the aisles of joann's, i found this perfectly perfect grumpy cat halloween fabric and i instantly knew something had to happen with that. i bought a LOT of it, knowing it would make a perfect quilt back, but the perfect pattern had left my brain.  then, after scrolling around the internet, the pumpkin quilt crossed my feed again, and in an instant i knew this was the quilt to make!
i hopped around the local quilt shops to find the perfect oranges for this project.  i didn't want any "wimpy" oranges so to speak, so it took a good amount of hunting around.  it required 10, but my first hunt left me with 9 good oranges and one odd one out.  so back to the hunt i went!  i was shopping for this quilt while beverley's was in it's "summer liquidation" sale (aka we're going out of business but not telling anyone.  insert heartbreak here) which was when i found this fantastic gray background.  it is hard to tell here, but in person it has some metallic lines in it, which makes it feel oh so fancy!
this binding definitely made my heart happy as well.  little gray stars seemed oh so cute.  initially, i wanted to quilt to be more "fall-ish" but i gave that up real quick when i put a halloween print fabric on the back.  don't get me wrong, it is very likely going to come out the first day it feels like fall weather outside and stay out until i feel ready to switch to a christmas quilt.
i took the plunge on this quilt as well, making it my first free motion quilted project!  i didn't go in to it planning to quilt it as densely as i did, but i am so happy with how it turned out.  i picked a motif i felt very comfortable with and that i knew it would be easy to fill in any bigger gaps with if i needed to go back in.  i used a gray thread on the front, and a coordinating purple for the back.
this quilt started as an october project, rolled in to a november finish, and then became completely finished in december.  even though it was done past it's seasonal time frame, i'm so glad to say it is done and that it is mine all mine!  i can't wait to pull it out next fall to display in our apartment.  and i still have a lot of this backing to make matching things!  halloween grumpy cat pillowcases might just happen!
quilt number: 105
pattern: pumpkins by cluck cluck sew

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