Friday, December 29, 2017

civil war hazel hedgehog quilt

this particular project kind of started off as a joke idea.  my grandma had recently given me scraps from a quilt she made for herself, and i just sort of stared at them.  they weren't anything i would have EVER picked out for myself, or for anyone else really.  they were all from the civil war reprints style of fabrics which as a whole (such as in the quilt she made for herself) look great.  i remember talking to my mom and lisa at different times about it, knowing that usually when i've gotten scraps from my grandma i've made different elizabeth hartman patterns.  i had tossed the idea out about the hedgehogs out off the top of my head, since i had already purchased the pattern and once it was out there, the idea stuck.  hedgehogs felt like the right kind of animal to blend with the civil war prints and it was now about to happen.  i initially thought that i would donate the quilt, but then i thought about the unknown of would this quilt really be appreciated?  i'm sure it would have without a doubt, but at the same time i wanted to know who the recipient would be.  the more i thought about it, the more sure i became about this being a quilt to go to my aunt for her birthday.
i chose a purple grunge to go with these guys, since there were a few purple prints in the mix.  my favorite hedgehog combo happened to be one of the purple ones (shown above) and the deeper purple just helped them pop a bit more.  the pantograph used was my first experience with points, which was definitely a test in itself.  overall, they still look like hedgehog spike points!
originally i had a tan backing for these guys, since the faces all had the lighter shades in there.  it just wasn't feeling right, so i went out to fair oaks and found this great purple flowery fabric to use instead and i love it so much more!  i used the same grunge for the binding as i did the background fabric, which gave it a nice solid front.  ugh... they're just so cute!
my aunt opened this on christmas eve and got a good laugh out of the hedgehogs.  my grandma noticed it was her fabric scraps as well, which helped tie it all together and make it that much more meaningful.  after all the baby quilts my aunt has asked me to make for her, it is about time she got something to keep for herself! 
will i make more hedgehogs for other projects?  probably.  they've got a lot of bits and pieces, but they're so cute!  i've also got more civil war scraps, so we'll see what comes together next :)
quilt number: 106
pattern: hazel hedgehog by elizabeth hartman
there is a version 2 of this pattern as well with a larger hedgehog option (hazel hedgehog II)
maybe i'll try that one sometime as well!

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