Tuesday, August 1, 2017

musical charm (and 10!) squares quilt - version 2.0

it's that time of year again!
i was actually pretty ahead of the game this year making these quilts.  blogging everything seemed to end up a different story... like, i have 4 quilts photographed to blog, 2 more to follow after that.  oops!
anyways, another year with donner mine music camp means another year of music quilts!  since they flipped the weeks this year, high school week happened first so this pattern was the repeat from last year week one.
i love the opportunity to repeat patterns on occasion, because it allows me to recreate them in a completely different way.  this quilt was originally done in all black and white prints.  not a single shade in between.  this year, it was done with some of my left over prints that were in the more ivory, gold and black range.  same pattern, same music theme, different result!
not only did i use different fabrics, but i also was able to quilt it using the long arm at meissner.  i quilted this one and another one in the same day and originally had a different plan for it.  when the woman working in the long arm center that day suggested this pantograph that looked like treble clefs, i knew i had to give it a go.  and you know what?  the curves were not as scary as i had expected!
the binding was a solid black, same as the majority of the backing fabric. i didn't calculate correctly for the extra 8" for longarming and had to piece a chunk in to the backing to make it wide enough. it sure helped get rid of some of my left over pieces!
now that this quilt has been done twice, it is now "retired" from being used for donation quilts. well, at least until i run out of ideas i'm sure!
one thing that is clear is that black on black treble clef print is a LIFESAVER. if joann fabrics ever stops carrying it, i don't know what i'll do!  okay, i'll probably survive... but this has just been so perfect to tie in to the music quilts.
i just gotta end this post with one more up close of that swirly quilting.
love it!

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