Tuesday, August 15, 2017

blue and gray baby elephant quilt

this little quilt came as a request from my aunt for a baby shower with the theme being blue, gray & elephants.  i looked through the patterns i inherited from my grandma, and this stuck out as a quick little one that would fit just what i was looking for.  the morning, noon, and night quilt by atkinson designs has a scrappy layout to it that was just perfect for mixing the colors around.
this quilt was on the bigger end for a baby quilt, but the simple blocks in the layout showcase the colors and prints on the blocks.  initially, i had planned for the elephants to just be on the back, but when some of my fat quarters ran small, i decided to add them in to the front of the quilt as well.
the binding i chose was this fun little plus fabric with varying shades of blue to match with the different fabrics on the front.
the back of the quilt had to have some alterations made to it - in hindsite, i imagine the pattern called for the seaming of the two pieces sewn together for the backing to create a horizontal seam across the back.  since my elephants were a vertical print, i had to add some from the backing and luckily i had some yardage from previous projects that tied in to this just perfectly.  one of them even being a gray version of the blue used for the binding!
if i was to do this quilt again, i think i would have been a bit more daring with the quilting.  i absolutely played it safe doing straight lines, but i would maybe try some of the free motion quilting i learned in some of my classes.
overall, a pretty cute little quilt that i feel fit the request perfectly!


  1. You're right, the pattern IS perfect for mixing the colors around. Using a little of the elephants fabric on the front was a great idea. I make my baby quilts bigger than normal so they can be used into the toddler years. Your quilt will be so loved.

  2. Love the blues and the heffalumps so much!