Tuesday, August 8, 2017

musical themed himalayan pink quilt

i bought this pattern back in october when i showed up in colorado to hang out with lisa for a few days and was anxiously awaiting the time to use it.  when i saw what my collection of music fabric was looking like, i decided that i needed to clear out everything i currently had so that i could start fresh for what will come next year.  i sorted things through in to various piles and then came up with this!
unlike previous triangle quilts i have done, this one was a lot more scrappy and that worked perfect for the fabric supply that i had on hand.  also, instead of the triangles pointing upwards, these ones lay sideways which added another fun element to the quilt.
more black, white, gold and cream fabrics as usual, but it was nice to see the supply of these fabrics reaching an end!  some of these have been hanging around since the very start of the music themed quilts for the raffle.  now that they are dwindling down, it was fun to put them together in a sort of collage quilt.
the backing and binding were a leaf print that i found, which seemed very appropriate for a music camp out in the woods.  i kept the quilting simple, following the lines of the triangles to put a frame on the "blocks" in a sense.
time for a photobombing cat break!
as usual, there are those treble clefs! it should just be an i-spy game for them to appear at this point.
i think my favorite ones are the super scrappy triangles like these in this bottom corner.
it was so much fun to see this music fabric "sampler" come together and be complete for this year's music camps.  since this was a first time quilt, that means it will very likely get repeated for next year, and i've already started shopping for fabric in a completely different color scheme!


  1. While I have a problem with triangles I would love to make a quilt like this for the director of the community band leader in our town. He makes the band such fun. Great work!!

  2. Another summer another fantastic triangle quilt!