Thursday, March 2, 2017

do you wanna quilt a snow man? - first time long arm practice

finally, the first result from long arm quilting practice!
clearly, i won't have much to say about the block piecing on this, since it is literally one giant panel i bought at beverley's to use as practice.  this was the first of three pieces i had quilted that day, since i was quite nervous about the venture.
here's the panel in all it's glory!
despite a few thread breaks and restarts, i feel it was all in all quite successful.
some of the stitching was a little wobbly again, but i MUCH preferred this pantograph (african samba) to the one initially stitched at the certification class.  as angelina (long arm instructor) said, this motif lacks any sharp curves or perfect circles which made it great to begin with.  i mostly noticed that i never got my stitching starts and stops completely off the edge, so often you can see where it ends and such.  but that's learning, right?
now that i feel more solid on this one, i'm trying to not pick it again the next time i go in.
it was just so fun!
for a back that i just threw together of semi coordinating pieces, i quite like it!
 oh right. we're not here to talk about piecing.
 carry on.
and there you have it! my first update on the long arm quilting fun. i keep peeking at the calendar to plan and book another date, but not only do i not have things cut out yet, everything is booked up since they only have 2 machine at the moment. oy!  fingers crossed i can get in on april 17th.  plenty of time to get stitching :)

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