Monday, February 27, 2017

in home sewing space - blog hop

hello all!
for those of you hopping on my, i'm emily and i'm about to share with you my sewing space!  i've joined this blog hop with jen frost and a few others, so be sure to check out there links at the bottom of this post.  this is my first blog hop, so i hope you enjoy!
since i'm at home with the parentals still, i share my sewing space with my mom.  now now, this is a plus because we have a great sewing table and storage system next to it.  i'm going to focus more on where my stuff is currently stored within this system, as well as my own personal fabric storage in my room.  a few things you won't see, due to the fact that my hazel hedgehog project has exploded, is the location of our ironing board, as well as the sewing table in it's entirety.  we (ahem... my mom) just got this storage shelving, so now that it is all put together and phase one of organized, it's good to have it documented now, should it get changed in the future!
often, my mom's machine is where my cutting mat is, but being able to have the open space for an 18x24 mat is awesome.  reduces having to go back and forth across the room for a solid surface to cut on.  when i'm doing a paper piecing project, it is fantastic, because our ironing board is just to the left of the sewing table.  honestly, i don't think i was really regularly sewing before we had this table set up.  at least i cannot remember what our set up was!  in my bedroom i have a left handed desk that i used to have a machine on, and will likely sneak out with me when the time comes to move on out.
on top of our new storage area, are these sewing boxes.  it currently stands as my holding area as i'm cutting out pieces for quilt.  the small squat one on the far left holds all the safety pins i use for pin basting.  since discovering spray basting, i haven't used them too much recently.  the yellow box is my mom's, and it held fabric that is now flopped all over the ironing board currently being cut in to hedgehog portions.  as you can see, currently there are pieces for two different projects stacked around.  the brown is for my hazel hedeghogs, while the cuts from the tiger lily line by heather ross are for a few swoon 16 blocks.  next to the yellow box and the piles of cut fabric is my sewing box. and here... take a peek inside!
all my disney sweater blocks currently live in here!
it perfectly fits all 81 of my blocks from the ugly sweater block sew along that i did solely in disney prints.  i'm sure they'd fit a bit better without the paper on the backs, so maybe that will be phase 2 towards completing this project.  having these boxes has made for a fun way to hide things that would usually just be stacked up all over the place.
this storage system is great for sure.  previous to this cube set up, we had a book shelf that these 10x10 boxes sort of squished on to, but with the new year it was time to upgrade.  my mom did the labeling, which has been great with my year of stash busting going on.  majority of these are filled with fabrics that have been used previously and left with a fair amount of fabric afterwards.  as you can see in the bottom left corner, my disney fabric stash is quite large :)
we currently keep our cutting boards and rulers behind the shelving unit, which is great for them to be out of the way and not getting stepped all over.  additionally, you'll see those metal drink tubs.  i use those for storing strips of fabric cut for a certain project. last it was used for the fandom daisy chain, which made it easy for me to reach in through all the different sized strips and see what i wanted without having an entire mess all over the floor,
here's a peek inside the "yardage" bin, including previously used flannel as well as fabric yet to be use (but intended for a project).  each bin is organized and not just tossed in there like it used to be.  yeah, it was quite messy.
here's my "little things" storage!
the drawer on the table gets jammed if you look at it the wrong way, so i've started to keep the things i need most often in an easy reach location.  all my threads i keep in this little box, with my own wheel of bobbins around this silly little grumpy cat one of my students gave me.  i've been trying to get better at keeping my rotary cutter and scissors in an easy access location, and so far this mug is currently doing the trick.  they are right there to grab, and has worked great with my current cutting board set up.
lastly, there are a few smaller bins that line the back of the sewing table for things that just didn't fit within any of the larger categories.  all of these are ziplocked with what they coordinate with (especially in the case of UFOs) and are ready to get stashbusting with.  apparently, this is also where i keep my sewing sweets!  now that you've seen the joint sewing space, let me welcome you to my personal fabric domain!
this is where i keep all my fabric that i generally purchase on a whim. yep.  it is in my closet!  it used to be in bins under my bed, but once i bought my new bed a few summers ago that was no longer possible.  i went with the comic book board method, which has worked great getting these all organized and easy to view.  while photographing, i was working around my bed being in the middle of my room, so i apologize for wonky angles.
on the top, i have my miscellaneous tub.  random fat quarters generally live in here, as well as bags of fqs for projects purchased in both alaska & colorado.
shelves one and two are my cotton prints, most generally purchased from the novelty section of joann fabrics.  over the past 10 years, my desires to sew had been in and out, and when it was in, i got in the phase of just buying fabric because it was cute and not knowing what to do with it really.  i know i keep saying it, but i'm really trying to stash bust.  problem is, my grandma keeps giving me stuff.  like....
some of the contents of this shelf.  there is a bag of orange fabric waiting to be used for something, plus other random stuff.  this is pretty much a catch all of fabric pieces, as you can see by the bin on the right.  the doors on this cabinet allow me to close up and forget this semi mess is there.
my last and bottom shelf is all flannel and one random flat bed sheet.  most are three yard chunks that i bought on a whim for someday pj pants, or simply because there were cameras on it.  i do love flannel backed quilts, so hopefully some of this storage will clear out this year as well :)
thanks so much for stopping by!  i'd love to hear any of your thoughts on storage, as well as if seeing mine helped inspire you in any way.  be sure to hop on over and see the rest of those hopping along with me by following the links here:
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happy monday, everyone!


  1. Emily, love the cats spread out through your studio - and all your fabrics! Such a fun space to work in.

  2. Great space. I really want to raid your dress collection peaking out on the side. Good luck working through your stash this year.

  3. Hmm. We need to up your FQ storage game. All those Holly's fqs must be sad 😪 I like your new storage cube in the living room and way to go Joanie getting those labels on right away💕 This post makes me want to finish off sorting my sewing space!