Friday, April 14, 2017

feelin' blue fancy fox baby quilt

hey all!
this week lisa and i are taking over the 52quilters instagram, and so i figured it would be the perfect time to FINALLY post this quilt!  it so much, i cannot believe i didn't post it any sooner.
anyways, i mentioned in the past about my first time renting the long arm machine, and when i went in that day, i took three quilt tops with me.  yep, you heard me.  THREE! anyways, you saw the olaf panel, and now you get to see the second of the bunch - actually the third one i quilted that day.
anyways, i'm sure you know by now that i love elizabeth hartman patterns, and this one was no exception.  lisa made the foxes awhile back and since seeing her rendition of it, it has been on my list of things to do.  well, with the year of stash busting ahead of me i had these pieces left over from the quilt my grandma made me when i graduated high school back in 2006 that were the perfect size to turn in to a crib sized quilt.
and here they are!
super fun, right?  these shades of blue made a great little posse and as usual, i fell for a gray backing.
believe me, i'm trying to break that habit.  but it looks so good!
here's the full front and back, which was also pieced with scraps to make it just the right size.
scrappy is totally my jam right now, especially with all the bits and pieces that i have around.
the eyes/noses and cheeky parts were scrappy leftovers from my pudge-cat quilt (also another elizabeth hartman pattern) and helped make each little fox have its own personality.
i used the same african samba motif on this quilt as the olaf one, since i felt like it was a good one to keep jiving with the entire time doing long arming.  i really like the fancy fox quilts that i have seen quilted to look like they are woodgrain, and this african samba felt really close to that kind of motion of quilting.
i wanted to try something new with piecing the back a little bit, as it wasn't quite wide enough initially.  i'm not 100% in love with how it turned out, but that's why its the back, am i right?
well party people, there you have it!
i think that this counts as my second completed elizabeth hartman pattern, and i am already chugging on to my next two patterns of hers as well!  be sure to follow either here or on instagram to keep up to date on all my quilty endeavors and see the final products that are coming along!
happy foxy friday, everyone!

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