Thursday, October 19, 2017

twin dogs in sweaters quilt

way back when i was in colorado for spring break, lisa and i took over 52quilters on instagram.  we planned to do something awesome for our dads, who happened to be twins.  now that this quilt has been delivered (since june, actually) you can watch the whole video of us being chatty cousins here and talking a bit about this project:
now that you've gotten caught up on us and the planning process, you can return here!
well, if you didn't i'll zoom through the highlights.
lisa & i have twin dads that even though we are very much cat people have a love for weenie dogs.  lisa's dad wrote a book about a wiener dog man, while my dad has a wiener dog puppet he uses for performances (such as our local cowboy poetry).  we spent my spring break together shopping for our fabric as well as completing the quilt tops before i headed back home.  also, dr. pepper is delicious.  our dads received their quilts at the end of june, which is their birthday month.
for my dogs (dogs in sweaters pattern by elizabeth hartman, btw) i chose yellow sweaters to "match" my dad's blankie from years gone by.  the background on the front is a moda grunge to tie in lisa's dad's "blue" color (the color is called peacock) which helps the yellow and brown pop out as well!  we both used the same fabric for the back of the quilt.  ideally, we wanted a blue and yellow plaid, but holly's quilt cabin didn't have enough yardage for both of us, so we got a blue one!  i used yellow as my bobbin thread when quilting to bring the yellow in like i had wanted.  now, on to the quilt!
the pantograph used for quilting is called "bauhaus" by urban elementz and i just love it!  sure, i should be working more on my free motion quilting, but when a template is this awesome, of course i'm gonna go for it!  here's some fun of our dads opening their quilts together at our grandma's house!
and now, drumroll please!
quilt number: 100
quilt pattern: dogs in sweaters by elizabeth hartman

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