Monday, October 16, 2017

the big question of how many

when i was in alaska this past june, my friend's husband asked me quite a major questions.
he asked me how many quilts i have made so far.
i asked, "this year?" and started to count on my fingers to which he responded that he meant in total.
i paused... because i hadn't really ever thought that far back and to count them all.
so now that i've been presented with that question, i feel like there needs to be an official answer.  at least to the best of my ability.
so after attempting to scour my previous blogs, craftster, this blog, and my brain... here's the running list.  a good chunk of these i had forgotten about!
(i apologize for not being able to link everything here for you, but i was able to scrounge a few up from my pre-blogging days, and photos are kind of thrown in here to make it pretty)

the quilt list
first quilt
27 shriner's hospital quilts (high school senior project)
3 t-shirt quilts for me
uncle barry's t-shirt quilt
cousin ben's t-shirt quilt
ex-boyfriend's star wars quilt
sister's t-shirt quilt
nemo quilt (for a swap on craftster)
desi's dinosaur rail fence quilt
best friend's graduation photo quilt (this one was a piece of work for sure!)
classic winnie the pooh quilt
black, white & pink squares quilt
pirate mouse rail fence quilt
snow white child's play quilt
cousin jacob's t-shirt quilt
music quilt (for del oro)
peacock colored daisy chain quilt
green & orange fat cats quilt
eeyore hexagon & triangles quilt
orange chevron wedding quilt
butterfly railfence quilt
green & brown pair of logs wedding quilt
joshua's t-shirt quilt
catvent quilt along
safari animal "circus in town" quilt
forest friends baby quilt
between friends junior elephant quilt
giraffe gatsby quilt
baby dinosaurs quilt (on the right)
map quilt
coloradifornia cameras quilt
hexing around quilt (sewvivor)
fun with flags quilt (sewvivor)
petite trellis superhero cats quilt
classic winnie the pooh daisy chain quilt
mod chevron baby quilt
the modern baby pink & yellow quilt
pink & purple parallelograms
daffodils and kittens quilt
pudgecatvent quilt
baby girl turtle quilt
lion king paper pieced quilt
mickey inspired triangle quilt
nerdy science ribbon star quilt
dragons & knights on the nine patch quilt
baby b's baseball themed quilt
blue & gold queen sized argyle quilt
goodnight, quilt - winnie the pooh baby quilt
baby a's charm (and 10!) squares quilt
andrew's disney i-spy quilt
fandom filled amy butler daisy chain quilt
stripes & triangles elephant quilt
giraffe abstractions quilt
bronco diamonds baby quilt
star wars strip quilt
feelin' blue fancy foxes quilt
tiger lily swoon 16 baby quilt
garden snails quilt 1
blue & gray baby elephant quilt
pink, gray & white stripe quilt
old fashioned cars pow wow quilt
10 dmmc raffle quilts (currently)
which totals to 99 finished quilts!

i feel like there is a lot of pressure for whatever is the next quilt posted, because it will be quilt number 100!
if you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen numbers 100 & 101 at this point ;)

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