Monday, April 7, 2014

april goals - update 1


here we are, updating after the first four week days of april. and so far still going strong.  all 4 week days have been checked off the april goal calendar for getting to the gym.
for the most part, everything has been the bare minimum of 30 minutes, but it's a good starting point.
some days were more brutal when convincing myself to get on it and go.  well, more like two days in particular.

tuesday was the first day of the shenanigans, and of course is the day i have a night class.  so my plan was to get up at 8, hit the gym for a bit, and then be good for the day.  well 8 happened.  and then the 8:30 alarm titled "it's april.  earn that shirt!" happened.  and the 9am happened.  yep.  an hour later than planned, i was rolling out of bed.  luckily, i didn't have to get all fancied up.  just threw on some leggings, my "marry me, buzz lightyear" tank top, and i was out the door.  it was nice to not have to spend my day dreading it, but instead knock out my work out and be on with my day.

wednesday was equally brutal, in a late night sort of way.  i worked child care from 9-1, ran across town for a meeting with my may bride, and then hit home to add on to my menu project.  two hours of teaching, followed by two hours of dance class caused me to get to the gym around 9:15.  yep.  i ate dinner at 10pm that night.  as you can see, this month is about the fitness part, not the eating healthy plan.  do i plan to have a wednesday like this again? HECK NO.

thursday was easy.  i didn't get up early to work out because i was expecting a phone call that didn't happen until later, so i just hit the gym after i got off from work at 5:30.  piece of cake.

friday was a tricky schedule, but it worked quite well.  i worked child care again from 9-1, and then changed in the locker room and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes.  showered off, washed my face, and then got ready to head off to natomas for work right on time.  of course, that also included wendy's for lunch... but that's because i didn't plan accordingly.

i feel like next week will follow pretty close to this, with my wednesday work out happening about 3 hours earlier... thank goodness.  not sure how i'll work spring break.  i work every day from 9-2 since i picked up some shifts, and i don't teach all that week, so we'll have to see about that.  it will happen.  i'm sure of it.
here's the official photo proof.  yes, some are taken at a stand still... because that third picture is clear proof of how hard it is to instagram in motion.
and you can count on a whole lot more "hey girl" pictures along side these kinds of posts.
because ryan gosling is the man.

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  1. He really does look photoshopped in that pic. From all your work out talk the only thing I'm taking home is... Mmm...Wendy's for lunch. That does sound good.