Monday, March 31, 2014

april goals

much like with the start of my 365 project, i've come to learn that it takes awhile for things to become routine.  so here's another attempt to trick myself in to getting in a routine.
wedding season is coming in to swing, and if i'm going to be lugging around a camera or two for 8 hours a day, i need to prepare myself.  granted, my first wedding isn't until may, but it may take that long to prepare myself.  and when it comes to preparing myself, it sometimes takes bribery.  and public declaration  so on that note....

goal: work out at the gym every weekday for a minimum of 30 minutes for the month of april.
reward: one shirt off of

melissa & jenny showed me the wonders of this website first by wearing their uber comfy looking silly/nerdy shirts saturday evening as we rounded off girls night with pizza & watching frozen with natalie (who also has shirts from this site).  melissa the showed me the website and all the goodness that came with it.  and i was sold.  so many things i wanted to order already, but no free spending funds. (thanks college, phone bills, car payments and being a grown up in general)  so now, i have decided i need to earn the privilege to purchase one of these comfy shirts. so officially starting tomorrow, i have to hit the gym all 21 week days in order to earn the right to spend the money.  not sure which one i'll get, but here are a few of my favorites.
hm.  realistically, i know which one i will probably order first, but it was just so much fun to scroll through and go "ooh.  i like that one."  and "ooh.  that one's funny!"
one of these will be so fantastic in my loungewear variety.  now just to get on to earning it :)

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