Thursday, March 20, 2014

wedding favors & garter - amy's wedding crafts

before i can get to the big shaBAM post, i gotta show off these little guys.  one i can take credit for, but the other was all amy.  and they turned out so cute, i have to share the photo of it and all the diy-ness that went in to it.
back on the nurse apron post, i mentioned that we had a favor making hooplah that didn't go quite as planned thanks to the printer issues.  well, that day we got ONE favor finished... and this was that one favor.  amy's plan was to make hugs & kiss bundles for her wedding favors. (which did happen.  just on the bachelorette party weekend)  sarah designed the little logo (which has a tree on it, amy & luke and the 3.9.2014 date on the bottom) and was eventually turned in to stickers.  after creating an army of hugs & kisses on the table, i cut squares of tulle that jenny counted out.  on the bachelorette weekend, amy & jenny cut the ribbon, sarah & melissa made the bundles and amy & i tied them up.  jenny & i curled the ribbon ends, and wham bam, they were all complete.  clearly they were a hit at the wedding, because some people were very bummed theirs was taken before they could pick it up.  good idea, amy!
for amy's bridal shower, she received a camo & lace garter to wear for her wedding day.  alas, the garter didn't come with one to toss.  madness!  so after my garter creating experience for erika's wedding (as in it was super easy) i busted out this little number for amy.  the hardest part was finding a little something to fancy it up a bit.  i looked for deer... no luck.  i looked for ducks... nope.  i even looked for a simple little paw print.  nothing.  i found this little tree button at beverley's which reminded me of the tree on the favors.  when i saw it, i knew it had to be.  i stitched up this little garter (the ribbons on it are in her wedding colors) and it was good to go.  turns out, amy decided to keep this one instead of the other one.  winner!


  1. I love how that garter turned out and I like the tree button. Made the whole thing sightly classier than any of the other options would have.

  2. great effort by all and it proved to be fruitful as it looks so beautiful and attractive. As Lisa told about your creativity used in tree button,me too liked this tree button.