Friday, March 14, 2014

t'was the night before wedding... - amy's rehearsal dinner

t'was the night before wedding
and all through the house
three whippets were running,
three labs, but no mouse.
seriously... the house was craaaazy.
we got to reno about 10am saturday morning and met up with sarah (and rue) at amy's neighbor's house for some moral support of sash adding to rachel's dress.  from there we headed to our nail appointment at la belle nails.  met up with rachel, amy & dori to get our mani/pedi on.  rachel went onward to do homework, amy & dori went to check in to the hotel, and then the rest of the three of us went to pick up a few things at wal mart.  grabbed some subway and headed back to the house for some relaxation and helped amy pack for the weekend.  before we knew it, it was off to baldini's for dinner & some wedding ceremony prep.  so many random photos from the night, it needed its own post.  and gives me that much longer to put together the wedding day photos ;)
insert time for random "hey we're just standing up here" photos
after all the formalities were done, it was back to partying. and a collection of group photos.
jenny blocked my face, so she got punished.
and if anyone ended the party early... it was rue.
walking down the aisle with a small child is hard work!
i couldn't leave this post without these video clips.
the sister of the ring bearer claimed she could run like a horse because when she was born she loved horses.  there was a whole story that went along with it, including her dad mentioning that they literally thought she was never going to walk upright because of how she moved like a horse.  the movements were so insanely accurate.  well, of course we had to get amy, who had had a few to drink at this point, to give it a go... and she did.  the first clip is fantastic, because amy fearlessly goes for the jump.  the second clip you see the girl literally run & drift across the room.  insane!

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