Tuesday, March 11, 2014

last fling before the ring - amy's bachelorette party

i can't quite blog about the wedding just yet without posting this one first!
the first weekend of march, with the moral support of the other bridesmaids, i threw amy's final fling before her wedding.  sarah, melissa, jenny & i got there earlier, and helped with wedding favor completion (in which i metaled gold in ribbon curling, according to amy) we checked in to the hotel after a classy lunch at taco bell, and waited for the other ladies to arrive.  once everyone was there, we got in our comfy clothes, and headed on to poletic fitness for a group pole dance class.  yes, it was exactly that.  there are few decent photos from that, so i'll just leave it at these... haha.  kudos to melissa for hooking me up with some other photos from the night :)
melissa and i were "pole pals" since there were only 5 or 6 poles, and 8 of us... so we had to share. whoot whoot!
we went back to the hotel, changed in to normal/going out clothes and then ordered pizza. which turned out to be located in the grand sierra resort & casino. so we trucked on over there (with the help of luke) and enjoyed some pizza, followed up by some laser tag.
luke was outside at the driving range... so we may have taken over and started hitting golf balls in to the lake as he went to get the car. just maybe...
there was cake, made by bethany, but i didn't take a direct photo of it. use your imagination to imagine what kind of cake would show up at a bachelorette party.
after cake, we took a taxi to a bar that was closed... and then ended up at the west 2nd street bar for drinks and karaoke. there was singing, there was dancing, and there was a weird trio of dudes that spent the evening (eh. morning. we were there until 4am) boozing amy up and talking to the group of us.
so the weird guy on the right in that photo above? that's feather... and he is responsible for the crying amy that happened in the next photos
yeah... when amy says she doesn't do shots... she means it.
mad props to sarah who stayed up with amy until 7:30 as she nested in her bathroom fort.
overall, it was a very fun, entertaining, TIRING evening.  i'm pretty sure all of us headed home and crashed out afterwards.  good news is, amy did survive, and she did make it to her wedding day.  blog post on that to happen soon :)

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  1. I'm so old, that evening sounds exhausting! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun though. Gross cake.