Tuesday, March 18, 2014

from miss to mrs - amy's wedding day

so the big day was here.  the one we had all been waiting for.  and then in the blink of an eye, the night was over and we were all on our way.  let me rewind a bit, just to give you the whole story.
between pedicures and leaving for the rehearsal dinner, amy & dori went to check in to the hotel so we wouldn't have to do it later.  the rehearsal dinner came and went, we went back to amy's to get our dresses, load up all of what we need and head on to the hotel.  we got there, trucked everything to our 7th floor room and then when we got to the room were in for a little bit of a shock.  what was supposed to be two queen beds was one king.  and a very small room around it.  called down to the desk, and that was the only room we could have at all.  on top of that, they claimed a cot wouldn't fit in there...  so amy, sarah & i  squished in to the bed, while jenny, lisa & rachel each slept on one side and the foot of the bed.  if there was an emergency, somebody was going to be in trouble.
the morning came early, amy & lisa disappeared at one point to go help with set up, and the rest of us woke up around 8 or 9... i can't even remember.  i did a lot of up and down the elevator to let dori, alissa & dana in (mom of the bride, plus the hair & make up ladies) and amy brought us back food.  the day hit the ground running, yet so many of us were ready to stay in bed...  myself included.  amy crawled back in to bed, waiting for her bubble bath necessities to arrive, and so sarah brewed her a nice cup of tea... using water from the bathroom.  we lovingly named it "tub tea".
we headed to the ceremony/reception site, and had to hide away in what is basically the table & chair closet. classy! i got amy in to her dress, sash & garter in place... and then we waited for our turn to go take pictures. so i took pictures.
and BOOM. they got married. but i don't have any pictures of that. still working on my maid of honor spy camera proto type. we headed outdoors for bridal party photos... and froze while doing so. all in good fun, of course. we also learned that apparently family portraits are a spectator sport for strangers.
then it was time to get the party started! this is the point where phone pictures start to mix in with camera photos, but it's all in good fun.
jack speach-ed, i speach-ed. he gave luke a tailpipe from his groomsman's wreck at the bachelor party. i tried to give amy an appendix that wasn't mine to give. all in the name of love, people. all in the name of love. rue had the final say, and then it was time for the party to get started. some delicious cake, followed by the dances.
and then there came the money dance, in which none of us had cash and were tempted to ask luke & amy if they took visa. luckily, melissa's mom came to our rescue and gave us each a dollar. yay! followed by the garter & bouquet toss (which i caught, by the way... like a boss)
favorite photo from the night. right here, my friends.
after all was said and done, the party was cleaned up and the sand swept away, we all headed our separate ways. jenny and i went back to the hotel room, washed the hairspray galore out of our hair, and then went down a few floors to melissa's room to oogle her photo with chris hemsworth from that morning, as well as chow down on her organic potato chips (organic makes it better... right?) have some girl talk and watch movies on mute.  crawled back up a few floors to go to bed, and then called it a night.  dropped a few forgotten things off at amy's the next morning, and then we were on the way back to california.  such a blast to be there every step of the way for amy's wedding.  from finding the dress to seeing her down the aisle, it's been quite the adventure.  now it's onward to many more!

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  1. Amy picked a great color for her wedding :) I like how the girls have slightly different style dresses.