Sunday, September 2, 2012

august reads

finally... i hit the end of the hunger games.  getting a hold of this book was quite the challenge, but it happened.  i can't exactly say it was my favorite of the series, though.  so many bits and pieces left me confused as to what was happening.  same goes for specials... the other trilogy that i finished this month (from the uglies series) totally should have read that series back to back.  the "slang" lingo they use in the book is pretty ridiculous too.  however, i did not end the month on a horrible note as far as book reading goes.  the prince charming list was a cute read, and bossypants was hilarious.  i haven't given many books a 5 star rating on my goodreads account, but those two definitely got 5 stars each.  so in summary.  read hunger games book 3 if you feel the need to finish the series.  skip the uglies trilogy, and totally read bossypants & the prince charming list.  but in the words of reading rainbow... you don't have to take my word for it.
mockingjay - suzanne collins
specials - scott westerfield
the prince charming list - kathryn springer
bossypants - tina fey

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