Monday, November 17, 2014

pink & purple parallelograms - baby girl quilt

a few months ago (but really, a lot more than a few) my aunt asked me to make a quilt for another one of her coworkers.  the parameters for this one were:  baby girl, birds, rosy pink.  i found the adorable bird fabric for the back at joann's, and selected some colors for the front pattern that i thought would best match it.  initially, i stumbled across this pattern that was for a table runner that i thought would translate in to a quilt quite well... but that didn't happen.  instead, this sort of "parallelogram" pattern was created and it came together quite swimmingly!  i think the teal-ish fabric is my favorite :)
at first i considered stitching down the diagonals, but instead went on both sides of the white and in between the two pink edges.  simple, yet satisfying.
i am quite pleased with how this little quilt turned out.
it was totally my first girly quilt in awhile, and the birds were just too fun.
hopefully i'll get a few more things shared soon enough!
and for kicks, here is the original pattern i was attempting to do:  scrappy valentine's day table runner

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