Monday, March 30, 2015

are you there, followers? it's me, emily...

hello there, friends & followers.
i know, it has been quite a bit of silence over here, but hopefully that is about to change... with a little time.  march was a rough month between school, work, and life in general, but hopefully we're about to get back on the up swing of things.  i've got a handful of tricks up my sleeves (which aren't very long these days... 80 degrees in march, say what?!) and need to regain the energy to churn them out in to reality!
here's a few things in the works at the moment
pudge catvent
yeah, that's still a thing that is sitting on my sewing table untouched.  but progress has been made towards completion.  a few weeks back my mom and i went to meissner's and attempted to purchase a walking foot set, but they were out of stock.  we placed an order and have yet to get the call that it came in.  i should probably give them a call and find out what's up.  it is patiently waiting though, unlike the cat that it resembles...
ruffle apron
still on my to-do list, but will ideally get knocked out soon enough.  it's currently packed up and ready to be chopped and assembled.  MAYBE aileen will get it before she leaves for byu-i in the fall... just maybe...
surprise project
this is one that i got the spur of the moment idea for, and then began piecing things together.  i got through all of the paper piecing section of it a week ago yesterday, and then it just sat there.  getting through this last week of work before the break was exhausting... but now it's spring break and i intend to get it knocked out this week.  fingers crossed.
kitten mini quilt swap
done, sent, and received by my partner!  that will appear on the blog this week so you can oogle at it's kitty-ness.  my mom said i should make her a bed quilt size one... YIKES.  i can't imagine paper piecing something to that proportion.
leaving on a jet plane
yep.  you read that right!  come 6ish tonight, i will be on a plane and heading out of california for the week.  i've packed up my projects in my suitcase and will be off to colorado for some more cousinly bonding/crafting time.  be sure to follow on instagram for all our raging good times :)  i am quite excited for the break away from the every day normality, that's for sure.  alas, this time i don't have any flashback posts for you like the last time i went to colorado.  i hope you'll be okay :)

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