Monday, September 28, 2015

baby girl turtle quilt

super catchy blog post name, right?  but regardless, i'm back and ready to share more things!  another baby quilt request came from my aunt in the middle of a major project (more on that coming soon!) and i just couldn't say no to getting one done in time.  it was to be for a little girl, and the theme of the nursery was frogs and turtles.  while wandering joann fabrics, i found this super cute turtle print but had NO clue what to put it with.  bought a yard and a half and then headed home to check pinterest.  nothing.  then i remembered a collection of baby quilts posted on craftster by "mistress jennie" i commented on, and it was perfect.  i followed her tutorial listed in her post, and came up with this simple, but super cute baby quilt!
i pulled different prints and colors from the turtle shells to make it more than just straight lines of solid colors.  without the turtles in between, it looked very circus-esque for a while.  ha!
the amount of fabric i bought for the turtles worked perfectly for this pattern, since it used just enough for the front, and left me a perfect sized piece for the back.
good job, quilt holding sister, aileen.
i found the perfect binding for this quilt. the fabric was off-white, and had little polka dots on it to tie in with the other fabrics having prints and the turtle shells.
i quilted it following the seam lines, since i didn't want to get too crazy all over with the prints that were already happening.  i used a light yellow in order to have it coordinate but not be extremely obvious :)


  1. Light yellow was a good choice. I've found that choosing the right color thread to quilt with has been one of the most daunting choices with a project.

  2. thats cute , will make some baby's mom very happy