Friday, August 31, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 8

in contrast to last month's blocks being done moments before the month ended, these ones were finished just days in to the month!  our fussy cut class was actually on the first of the month, which also made this a 5 wednesday month.  it feels like it has been forever since i finished these guys, but looking at the photos of them again makes me so happy.  something about the fabrics and the blocks just clicked, and once i knew what ideas i had in place, i didn't second guess a single thing.
i used this chapter's blocks to also bring a bit more gray back in to the quilt.  i think for awhile it went to a bold color filled way that while i love those blocks, it needed more of a middle ground between some of my much lighter blocks.  block 4 in this set even features a very velcro (one of our own real life kitty boys, not the sewing notion) looking kitty as well as a little elroy looking cat in the center.  just needs a little pink nose on him!
this chapter also makes me want to have a quilt entirely of the first block you're about to see.  it is such a cute little block!
this all means we are at 3/4 of the way done... INSANE!
our monthly class has dwindled a bit in those attending, last few months there were just the bare minimum of us.  i so hope that everyone finishes it up, because so many people had cool project ideas... and cat fabric themes!
i still feel like i have so much to learn in the realm of fussy cutting, but it also seems i may have sparked the interest of my mom with this project.  perhaps i'll have to loan her my book when this is all over so she can make a cat filled fussy cut quilt herself... if you saw her cat fabric collection, you'd instantly know where i get it from!

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