Wednesday, October 31, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 10

october's blocks were a breeze compared to figuring out geometrics and all that nonsense.
also after last month's blocks, i decided to take a step back and put some green and lighter colors back in to my blocks.  the september blocks were filled with lots of navy and gray, which started pushing things back to the original chapters and needed some balance.  i successfully got green in 3 out of the 4 blocks in one way or another, and kept that 4th block lighter in color.  as usual, i still don't think i have a single block i hate... and have yet again... more new fabric that i fussy cut in to these blocks.  totally worth it!
i felt like my use of dinosaurs was also falling to the wayside, so it was fun to bring them back in the focal spots that they deserve.  i know that these next few months are going to zoom by, so before we all know it this might just be a finished quilt top.  gotta knock some other things off my list first, that's for sure!

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