Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 truckee river float

last summer jenny and i experienced our first time tubing down the river.  this year, with kasey in town we decided to head off to reno again for a float on sunday.  this could also be documented as the trip with the vicious sunburn.  yes, we did put on sunscreen.  it either wore off/washed off from the length of the float, or the factor of the sunscreen being expired (found out later on) could have played a part in the leg burns.  we survived, so that's what matters, right?  here are the highlights from the lovely waterproof camera. kicking us off, jenny's excited face :)
during one of the stops, kasey found a crawfish, and began hunting it down with amy. eventually, it was captured and posed with.
jenny had a camera too. she didn't almost lose hers downstream like i did.
we survived the float, and it wasn't until getting back to amy's and rinsing off that i noticed my burns. next year, we'll all remember we should use the SPF 80 for all over. i'm just glad my face didn't burn. as bad as my legs burned, face burns are the worst!

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