Monday, July 16, 2012

over the week

alright, so i finally came up with enough to share about and post... so now you'll get a blog post.  and another reminder of how i still need to show off and flaunt the things i made off for erika & matt's wedding.  why must i show them off?  the real question is, why not?  anyways... here goes!
after far too long, and after enduring a movie together with jenny that we thought would be better than it really was, erika & i got some excellent hang out time.  well, more like target shopping, chipotle eating, playing dress up hang out time.  three fantastic things, right?  i got these two rockin' newlyweds to play dress up for me for my photography business so i could have some fresh faces for my portfolio.  well, we had to be sneaky so we didn't crash an actual event going on at the location we chose... and were pretty good about not being seen. and that's all i can really say about that, because i would run out of things to blog about when i post their other photos on my other blog :)
as with tradition, each year dad & i do our recital portraits for our dance studio.  also with that comes having to do our portraits.  benny, the jets, and i all got off work friday and headed over to knock our portraits out of the way.  we met up with the other relations (jacob, aileen & entourage) and got things going.  well, as you can tell, not everything was your traditional ballet portrait.  but hey, we kept things entertaining!
afterwards, kelcey ben & i headed out to chipotle (3rd time i went this week.  not ashamed one bit) to get a late night dinner.  ben got the off menu quesoritto for the first time, and it was massive.  it did recieve a thumbs up in his book though, so that's a plus.
saturday, after five hours of portrait sessions, and finishing packing, jenny, kasey & i headed off to nevada to visit amy & luke.  luke's cousin was visiting from illinois, and had apparently never been in a place like this before (as in, has never seen a real mountain before) so there was some things to do.  we had a homemade taco dinner, followed by a trip out to reno's finest casinos for some gambling & circus acts.  and a giant swarm of super hero dressed people.  hey, i totally managed to dress in theme with my sweatshirt.  now if we only knew why...
sunday we had breakfast and then headed off to the river to do some tubing.  the trip down the river was really smooth, and we all had a blast.  until we noticed how sun burnt we are.  either the sunscreen wasn't strong enough, or it wore off and we didn't bring it to reapply.  either way... it was painful!  like, i'm writing up this blog post coated in aloe vera & have blue ice on my legs painful.  we went to dinner at a chinese/sushi place and then once it got to be around 7:15 (and i won go fish by a landslide) we headed homeward.  it was a nice little two day-ish day-cation.  someday it would be nice to head out there and see a live show as well!

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