Wednesday, October 10, 2012

september flicks & reads

yeah, i know its almost two weeks in to october and i'm posting this... better late than never right?  september brought a new someone special in to my life, and my late nights of watching movies & reading by myself have taken a hit.  thus combining these in to one post.  no really, i do enjoy blogging still.  don't get me wrong!  i went out to the theaters twice this month, plus a few movies on netflix kept a balance of things being watched.  of course i can't blame everything on the new guy, but also thanks to tv shows coming back on the air and having new things to watch.  haha.  here is my list of movies, and they all were pretty good!
the pirates! band of misfits (2012)
the avengers (2012)
lars and the real girl (2007)
ruby sparks (2012)
the six wives of henry lefay (2009)
the good girl (2002)
crazy on the outside (2010)
yeah, my reading list is pathetic.  one book the entire month.  lame.  good thing is though that hopefully october will change.  i'm planning to get back in to going to the gym this month which will allow for some reading time when it comes to treadmills & such.  in the past, it was all about textbooks, but thanks to being a college grad, i have none of those to lug around and study anymore.
that said, this book was an excellent read, thanks to jenny.  i really don't want to go too in depth because i went in to it with not much knowledge about it beyond the title of the book (jenny told me not to read the back, but just dive in) and i would say the same to you.
room - emma donoghue

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