Friday, November 16, 2012

october flicks & reads

let's play the totally slacked at updating again game.  yep, i'm still winning.  the problem with me remembering to post things is getting quite ridiculous.  though, this time october bled right in to november, and november means birthday month.  seriously, the first four days of november were full of a little bit of everything.  date nights, birthday celebrations, job interviews... you name it.  but i did still watch some movies, and read some books... which is why they're both jammed in to this one post.
the movie that was the most difficult to get through?  hunger games.  yes, i read the books first.  which meant i knew what kind of things happened.  and i pretty much had a death grip on the boy's hand the whole time just to be sure.  will i go see the next one in theaters?  probably not.  on a smaller screen was MUCH easier for me to handle.  pitch perfect was HILARIOUS.  like, i'd buy it the day it came out because i liked it so much hilarious.  but i'll wait for people to sell their used copies on amazon, because i like a good steal.  true story.
the hangover (2009)
can't buy me love (1987)
pitch perfect (2012)
the hunger games (2012)
charlie st. cloud (2010)
rain man (1988)
for the record, i did read the book for charlie st. cloud before watching the movie.  both books this month were pretty decent (and i'm glad i can say that i read two).  still didn't get that gym membership so i can have a place to treadmill and read more... maybe next month.  or next year since we're BASICALLY almost to 2013.  yikes.  where has the time gone by?
the death and life of charlie st. cloud - ben sherwood
love the one you're with - emily giffin

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