Monday, December 31, 2012

december flicks & reads

i slacked on all levels this month.  nothing i watched was from my netflix account (which i intend to cancel next month) and no more than one book was read.  oops.  i finished "something blue" with plenty of time to read "something borrowed" in the month... but then the holidays happen.  yeah, i always find an excuse.  i even slacked at instagram-ing movie stubs and such to use..
most of the movies this month were selected by the boy.  4 our of the 7 to be exact. on our trip to chico we watched goldeneye, and he also acquired all the other james bond movies in digital (aka not vhs) format... so now you can see what exactly my future holds.  yep.  probably quite a bit of james bond education.  as far as the rest of his selections went, they were pretty good.  minus eight crazy nights.  i could have lived my whole life without seeing that gem of a cartoon.
as far as les miserables goes, i thought it was pretty well done.  i went in to it not knowing what the story line was, and found myself only confused a little bit here and there.  oh, and i expected a lot more of anne hathaway's charater, since that's basically all you see in the trailer.  so yeah.  i didn't cry like a ton of other people said they did, but i enjoyed it.
basic (2003)
the saint (1997)
goldeneye (1995)
10 things i hate about you (1999)
elf (2003)
les miserables (2012)
eight crazy nights (2002)
so apparently this was the follow up book to "something borrowed"... but i didn't know that and read this one first.  oops.  i still enjoyed the book anyways, despite that fact, and i'm sure i'll enjoy the first one.  i'm finding i really enjoy this author's writing style, so you'll probably see more of her books on my "reads" posts in the coming year.
something blue - emily giffin
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have a fun, fantastic & safe new years eve, and i'll be back in 2013!

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