Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013: the year of...

oh 2013. you began just a week ago, but it feels like its been forever. where to begin with what i plan to do with you.  such potential, you could be a lot of things, like...
the year i try new things.
the boy gives me a hard time about my dislike of sushi.  well i'm not a fan of fish... and raw fish creeps me out.  maybe this year, i'll let him help me find something i like... or at least that i'm bare enough to try.
maybe i want to try to learn a new skill.  i still have the "teach yourself to knit" kit i bought way back when.  have i taught myself to knit?  no way, jose.  i guess i will just need to give in and say to someone "teach me your ways" and call it a day.  or maybe erika and i will finally take that second cake decorating class...  five years later.
the year i get back in to shape
i know at least one of you are thinking "oh but emily, you are so skinny!!"
yeah, but just because i'm 5'11" and proportionate doesn't mean that i don't get winded after climbing a flight of stairs.  i've been debating year in and year out (basically since i quit my gym membership in 2011)  about starting at a cheaper place.  well, the cheaper gym has been found, but now i just need to man up and sign up.
the year i save more spend less
yeah, so far so good.  i've been a lot better at my spending habits than i have in years past.  like, WAY better.  on top of that, the boy and i have set a "we want to go to disneyland together" goal of putting $20 a month aside for said disneyland trip in the future.  that has helped already with a mindset of remembering to set that aside, well... because i love disneyland.  'nuff said.  plus, there are bigger (and pricier) things that i know my future holds, which fall under the "more important than a new shirt" category.
the year i make a clean sweep
yep.  clean sweep as in out with the old for plenty of room for the new. (this is where the blog photo makes a little more sense)  this past week i have thrown out 3 dozen old roses, a vase of balloon shards, 7 wrist corsages, countless numbers of test prints from photography classes, a bazillion cd cases, and so much more.  i think this might just be the biggest room cleaning over haul i have done in my entire life.  throwing things away & donating stuff without remaining emotionally attached to them has been rough, but i'm already amazed with how much more space i have in my closet.  if i keep this up, i will have so much less stuff to deal with down the line when moving forward to the next steps in life. besides, random things i find that amuse me but don't get to stay have already been documented forever on instagram.
the year i blog more
no seriously, its a goal.  which in turn, will hopefully help me craft more this year, do more memorable things, and just straight up want to document more.  i was recently going through old writings from a few years back, and really wish i had done a better job at documenting things here and there.  maybe 2013 will bring day trips, adventures around this area, and all that jazz.  and when i say maybe, i really mean please and thank you.
the year i do all that and more
no seriously.  i'm hoping to make a lot of this year.  2012 was pretty excellent, so hopefully 2013 will be super duper.  with ice cream and oreo cookies on top.

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