Tuesday, January 22, 2013

craft fair bag collection

way back when (now technically almost 4 years ago... say whaaaat?) lisa and i did craft fairs.  well, fast forward to now, and i've still got some goodies left over that are looking for a good home.  i sold these on etsy too, but now time to try a new venue for these lovely little bags.  i've broken them up in to four categories of awesomeness, so consider yourself warned!
these ones are my more girly/stylish ones. hearts, flowers, a little glitter. and of course, who wouldn't love to carry the ocean around with them all the time?
a little troops supporting, shall we? left to right, in case it is hard to tell in the photos are airforce, army, navy and then the marines.  i've sent a few of these to my lovely military wife friends in the past, and they've loved them!
this set would be more along the lines of little kiddos. perfect size for dance shoe bags, carrying around doll accessories, or a simple small diaper bag for quick trips on the road when you don't want to stock a ton of diapers with you..
and last but not least, some bags for all you craft enthusiasts out there.  i've found they work fantastic for those small little projects to tote around, or even a trip to the local fabric store.  i know my every day purse is quite large, so a small purse for a quick errand trip works amaaaaazing.
originally, we were selling these bags for $25 at craft fairs, and since i'm in a world of destash and freeing up space right now, i've cut the price down to $15, shipping included!  drop me a line in the comments section if you are interested in purchasing one, and we'll get in touch!

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