Friday, January 18, 2013

pinwheel princess quilt

so since my glorious "2013: the year of..." post, i've made another decision.  within the room cleaning aspect comes the busting of the fabric stash.  so from that, along with my parent's church requesting quilt tops of varying whatever-ness comes this little project of stashbusting quilts.  my goal is for each month to assemble at least one quilt top from fabric within the great box of fabric pieces to create something to be donated to someone else in need.  cuts down my stash, completes a project, goes to someone in need, blog post.  i guess that makes four birds, one stone?  sawheeeet.
this quilt was somewhat already good to go.  i cut the pieces out over four years ago to be a baby shower gift for a friend from high school.  well, it got as far as two triangles being sewn together, and that was that.  in the mass room cleaning, it surfaced again and i decided now was the time.  i completed this in a few weekend hours, and like the result,  the pinwheels went together super easy, though i don't know what i was thinking when i put the pieces together four years ago and used a 1/8" seam allowance...  ugh!

the pink in between the blocks was also from the magic stash box.  i haven't ever gotten things to line up as well as i did on this quilt.  i think that was in part because i trimmed the blocks all down to exact same size before sewing on the pink fabric.  who woulda thunk?  both that fabric and the "princess" parts of the pinwheels have the same glittery star shapes to them.
all in all, i really like how this turned out. next time, i'll use a 1/4" seam allowance the whole time... not 1/8"  and maybe 2 colors of pinwheels instead of 3.  hm.  i don't know.  maybe it all depends on the fabric choices.  but yes, i would repeat a pinwheel quilt.  super easy, totally fun looking, all that jazz.
bragging point: saturday afternoon the boy told me he was on his way home and would be there in 30 minutes.  i told him "ok. i have two more rows to sew, and then i'll head over" and that was it.  no other details to what i did with my day at all.  later on that evening, he asked me if i was talking about "that quilt with the pinwheels" that i showed him a picture of a week before, and followed it up by asking about sewing the layers together so they didn't shift.  ladies, believe it or not, they do listen!  well, at least mine does :)

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