Wednesday, January 16, 2013

aileen's avenger purse

my sister wanted a purse for christmas... well, i found that out after planning this, but at least i can say it was something on her list.  her likes have gone in phases.  it was star trek, then it went to avengers, and now it seems like it is on to the hobbit and les mis, but let's focus on the avengers portion.  joanns had a whole bunch of different fabrics, and since i used to make this style purse for craft fairs with lisa, i decided that was what she would get for christmas this year.  a few secret powering through sewing times while she wasn't home, and this bag was DONE.  here it is, in all it's avenging purse glory.
oh i love how simply easy this zipper is to put in. yes i do.
now, if i could only get her to take it out in the world and make all her friends jealous enough to want one of their own. doesn't she know she's supposed to be my walking advertisement? sheesh. what good is she?

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