Tuesday, August 14, 2012

erika & matt - orange zig zag quilt

erika got married. of course with all the posts you couldn't forget the awesome-ness, but here's your last reminder... for now.  i've totally slacked, but now it's time to get around to posting the final piece to the crafting expedition.  no really, this thing was a BEAST.  i can trace back to starting this thing back in august 2011, but it might have even been sooner than that.  anyways, once i found out her colors were orange & pink tangerine & fuchsia, i was on my way to starting this intense project.  never in my life had i heard of an olympic queen size bed, but once i found out the dimensions, my little sewing machine had it's work cut out for it.  i decided to go with the orange colors, because i didn't want to totally torture matt with a pink quilt on their bed.  though, it would have been terribly amusing!
the idea for the quilt came from the addiction known as pinterest.  i got hooked on the zig zag patterns, and was so excited to put it in to use.  though, apparently my math skills aren't quite up to what they should be, because i ran out of fabric about three times...  oops.
the hardest part was probably getting the same fabric slices to line up to make that proper connected zig zag, but in the long run, and from a distance, it won't be that big of a deal.  plus, if it was perfect, it wouldn't be as awesome... (and if it was perfect, i would question whether i actually made it myself or not.)
more zig zagging. and finally using one of my super little "made by" tags. just to make things more legit.  my grandma did the quilting for me (and noted this to be the biggest quilt she's done as well) best part?  the quilt actually fits on their bed.  yeah, i think when erika told me that, i was finally able to rest easy about this beast of a thing.  and now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
top to bottom, hung from a rain gutter on my front porch. the beast.  and i still mean beast in the most loving way possible.  now i just have to resist the urge to make zig zag quilts for the remainders of my "to be wed" friends... because i love how it turned out THAT much.  maybe i'll just save this design for smaller repeats when babies start coming around in the coming years :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

july flicks

alright. alright. yes, i did go see magic mike.  and i'll throw out the fact that jenny & erika saw it with me so we are all equally guilty of seeing that "enticing" movie.  problem was, when we saw the movie, there was WAY too much trying to happen all at the same time during the 110 minutes of the movie.  unfortunately, i'm sure that movie COULD have been a whole lot worse than it was... but it also could have been a whole lot better.  so, if you are still desiring to see "magic mike"... wait for dvd.
good movies this month?  because i said so, new year's eve, and the always enjoyable she's the man.  makes me wish amanda bynes was still making movies.
the ugly truth (2009)
love, wedding, marriage (2011)
my girl (1991)
magic mike (2012)
new year's eve (2011)
miss pettigrew lives for a day (2008)
because i said so (2007)
two weeks notice (2002)
the amazing spider-man (2012)
romy and michele's high school reunion (1997)
definitely, maybe (2008)
she's the man (2006)
the wedding date (2005)
mirror mirror (2012)
shall we dance? (2004)