Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend wips

another week gone by, and a good selection of productivity to say for myself. i know, i know... i should really try and update a bit more throughout the week, but i'm working on building up projects that i can show off to you. i have bumped the things that have not been worked on period (i.e. my own tshirt quilt, wedding gifts a & k, and the scrappy square quilt) so you can see what all is in progress.
wedding gift e: more strips sewn, gearing up to switch over back to this one to begin piecing some more this week due to the next project now being at a stand still.
wedding gift m: this is my excitement right now. i went from having just strips cut out last sunday to being completed with the block piecing at about 10:00pm saturday night. i have the iron burn battle scar to show for it, but i'm super excited to move forward with this one once i can get my hands on the square ruler from my crafty cohort, lisa. mom is pretty anxious to see how this one turns out as it keeps going too.
onsie set: all that has been done with these this week is one of them have been dyed very blue. kinda splotchy at first, so it was redyed saturday night in hopes to even it out. debating making an applique for one of the designs instead of painting both of them... so we'll see how things unfold!
t-shirt quilt j: still sitting... waiting for the kablam of a labor day sale at the happiest place in town to get the next fabric to go with it in order to complete this sucker. once that is purchased, it's all smooth sailing from here!

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