Wednesday, August 31, 2011

butterfly baby quilt

awhile back, and i mean nearly a year ago while back, a friend of mine that i've known since we first moved to the area had her first little one. before her little one was born, i decided i would make her a quilt with some fabric i have had for AGES, but had no clue what i would do with it. turned out, it was sheer perfection for this quilt! originally, i had the plan to do a standard rail fence quilt like i had done in the past with the butterflies in the middle of the "fences", but with an oops in my fabulous assembly line procedures, pieces got put together in the wrong way... instead of grumbling and ripping everything apart, i kept with it and got this fun pinwheel type pattern instead. sad thing is, i didn't get the quilt finished until JUNE of this year. once suzanne recieved the quilt, she tweeted me this adorable picture of it already in action. super cute!

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