Monday, August 15, 2011

my teenage self

if there is anything i have a whole lot of, it would be t-shirts. you know, the fun graphic ones with cartoon characters, movie heros and silly saying. yep, I've pretty much got a truck load of them. for awhile now, i have been collecting shirts that have shrunken over the years of washing and keeping them in a box beneath my bed. waiting for the day to revisit them and give them a "second chance" at life. haha, that does sound incredibly cheesy. but included in this box were shirts with memories packed behind them that I couldn't see myself letting go. including shirts that were worn...
to meet & greet concerts
back to school shopping
spending time with friends
and a whole lot more every day occasions.
the last time i made a t-shirt quilt for myself, i was still in high school, and still wearing at LEAST 95% of these shirts. but now the time has come, in my transition from college student to real world "adult" to clear space and give these shirts a final resting place AND a new look! i'm a little hesitant to hack in to some of these shirts because of the memories they hold, but know in the long run it will be so much easier to relive the good times if they are out in the open to see instead of in a box. Once the first cut is made, I will feel a little bit better, and be able to continue on ward!

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