Wednesday, August 17, 2011

when life gives you craft projects...

grab them and RUN before you lose the excitement.  seriously though... what started off as one project to keep me busy has spiraled in to nearly half a dozen, if not more!  not that i am complaining though, since the entirety of yesterday was spent cutting, sewing, or piecing something together and NOT sitting in front of the computer on facebook.  not to mention the night before was a 3am bedtime thanks to marathon sewing.  i'm telling you... one idea and now i've gone crazy!  here is the basic run down (in order of idea formation) of the craft projects so you can see the project evolution:
stash busting quilt
wedding quilt A
wedding quilt E
t-shirt quilt E
"thank you" onsie set
and then i got asked to do:
t-shirt quilt J
baby boy shower quilt
PLUS the looming in the back of my mind:
wedding quilt K
some form of wedding gift M
as you can tell, i've got an onset of wedding quilts in the works.  some are just ideas and future planning, while others have become planned, purchased, and in process.  t-shirts for both quilts have been washed, dried, and stacked to be flat until the cutting process of those can begin.  i can flex my crafty muscles and say that i knocked out the baby boy quilt in one sitting of SYYTCD finale watching, and now it is just awaiting becoming one final product.  my desire to keep going is ticking.  being in a computer chair totally does not appeal to me at ALL right now!

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