Thursday, August 15, 2013

safari animal "circus is in town" quilt top

this was mentioned in june... and then never blogged.  and then july happened... still not blogged.  so here we are in august, finally catching up on blog life.  time to knock out what i have done before school starts on the 26th.
the fabrics from this stashbust came primarily from a quilt i made for my childhood bff's older sister in 2010.  yeah, three years later, finally busting out the rest of the fabric and making something of it. (original quilt)  this quilt pattern was yet another from my "quilts for babies & kids" book that i've had forever so i just had to try something new out.  i tweaked it a little bit and didn't do all the borders it had (ran short on some fabric) but still love how it turned out!
the blocks turned out to be a pretty decent size, which helped the safari animals be a good size in the center of the blocks.  everything pieced together so well, and boy am i impressed with how those squares lined up for me.  usually, that's my hardest part.
seriously. look at that nearly lined up striping. winner winner!
one last closeup of the blocks.  totally like the safari animals than the clown print that was shown in the book.
pattern: "circus is in town" by michelle crawford in quilts for babies & kids
stash bust total: 10.  wow.  last quilt top i posted was back in may...  yikes!

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