Friday, September 28, 2018

shabby strawberry delight baby quilt

this quilt was the first one my aunt asked me to do this summer, and it came out better than i could have even imagined!  this was quilt number 2 for her other niece, and the request was simply to see if i could find any strawberry fabric to make her a quilt out of to resemble the strawberry outfits purchased for her when she was little.  as i was looking for strawberry fabric, i stumbled across an ADORABLE pattern that made strawberry blocks.  and it was free!
i also found the PERFECT strawberry fabric that wasn't pink on pink on pink.  sure, there is some pink, but also yellow, red and blue.  the line is called shabby strawberry by emily hayes and as soon as i found a shop online that had all the colors i needed, i bought a LOT.  i managed to find everything in one place, with the exception of the green & background fabric.  those i shopped for locally, since i wanted to make sure the colors were correct, since a computer screen can only do so much for you.  besides, it is always important to shop local when possible! (i shopped at fabric garden locally this time, for those that are curious)
this one would have been a lot of fun to long arm, but due to time constraints i didn't have a chance to.  but i love how the grid effect has a sort of strawberry crate feel to it, like we have out here at the pop up strawberry stands this time of year.  i used a green thread, similar to the color of the leaves to stitch the grid pattern.  the back (shown briefly in the first photo) is the yellow colorway of the print used in the blue & red strawberry blocks.  it totally helps create the summery quilt without it having to be girly pink all over.
i got to work on a lot of this quilt at sew day we had in june, which made the tedious half square triangle sewing, cutting and ironing a little bit more enjoyable.  the entire time i was there i didn't get a single block done because of all the little piecing that happened first.  but at least it was done in good company!
because of these fabrics being one way prints, i had to buy a little bit more than the pattern called for, which means i have a good amount more of strawberry fabric still hanging around!  i have been toying with the idea to make a similar one as a donation quilt in the future, tweaking the design of the strawberry blocks in some way to make it look different.  all in all, this was such a cute, fun quilt to make that i would (clearly) make again if needed!
quilt pattern: strawberry delight by sweet bee designs
quilt count: 115

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