Thursday, February 28, 2013

charlie brown & snoopy valentine's quilt

>yeah yeah, i know valentine's day was literally two weeks ago... which was when i planned to have this quilt top WELL done with, and maybe even a second for the month.  but i decided to turn my productivity brain off for a bit, resulting in finishing this up last weekend instead.  hey, it's still february.  it counts.  so hah.
i did this same quilt pattern last year for jessica's baby shower (you can check out that cuteness right here) and it went together super easily and super cute.  i've had this charlie brown fabric for i don't know how long (and i wish i could remember what impulsed me to buy it) but i figured it was time to stash bust this sucker out and create something awesome.  this time something went weird with my number of hexagons (or something... not really sure) but what was intended to be the top turned out to be the sides, and vice versa.  it still turned out like i imagined, so that's always a plus, right?
the pink fabric is originally from a whole bunch of yardage that was used as a table cloth for a photo project i did in 2009.  there is plenty more fabric left, so i'm sure something pink will make another appearance in the near future.
finishing this quilt marks #4 of the stash busting quilt top project, which makes me feel pretty awesome about myself finishing up the second month of the year.  more to come soon!

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  1. What cute fabric! It feels so good to use up things from your stash, doesn't it? :)