Friday, March 1, 2013

february - instagram lookback

say what, it's march now? super madness!  here is a quick little look back on some things that went down in february.
- board game night with jenny & her mister.  i don't know how exactly we managed so many rounds of catch phrase without falling asleep.  but i love the board game life... no joke.
- first ever double date with erika & her husband.  i know, it sounds crazy, but in the past 10ish years of us being friends, we never went on a double date.  EVER.  and you know what?  it was awesome.
- fall out boy.  yes please.  they're back, and erika & i are going to their concert in june.  whoo hoo!
- yep.  i had a valentine this year, and he got me a flower.  and i made breakfast for dinner that night.  super classy.
- "second valentine's day" date night... aka don't want to fight the crowds on valentine's day, so we waited until saturday to go out.  dinner, wandering target & ross for leftover candy on sale before going to a movie? super classy night for sure.
- yes.  i did rock those shoes on our date night.  and almost fell only a few times...  stairs suck.
- chipotle.  who doesn't love chipotle?
- everyone loves a grumpy cat.  he's always around, i just needed to involve him... gotta give the kitty some love, even if he doesn't reciprocate.
- marketing.  lots of marketing attempts going on.  really trying to get this whole "wedding photographer" business going.  first round of postcards have gone out this week, and more will be going out in coming weeks.  also donated to the elementary school dinner auction.  holla at me people,  freeze frame - photography by emily!
- i took my first jewelry class at joann's and had a good time.  well, i was the only one in the class, and picked up super quick... so not only did i make the bracelet and earrings, but i also made two rings.  i'll probably sign up for the next classes for sure.
more to come in march, but why wait for the end of the month?? follow me on instagram and see these updates and more as they happen!

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