Wednesday, March 27, 2013

blue & yellow double four patch penguin quilts

yep.  that's right.  this one is a plural stash bust result.  it totally boosts my numbers for the month of what i have gotten done, but it didn't start out being planned that way.  happy accident, i suppose.  between starting a new job this month, old job, getting things for my photography business going, and spending time with the boy, i so totally slacked at getting anything done for stash busting this month.  mid last week i pulled the fabric i wanted to use from the box, but then realized i didn't have enough of one to do the pattern i wanted to... so it sat on my floor until last saturday.  yeah, like four days ago saturday.  i cruised my pinterest for things i had pinned that only involved two fabrics.  and decided on the "double four patch" pattern.
saturday i chopped up the pieces.  sunday i sewed strips and chopped some more.  monday i sewed the two different blocks in to pairs, and tuesday i busted the row making out.  it was tuesday i decided on making two smaller quilts instead of one large one.  the more, the merrier, right?  had i thought about it being two smaller quilts in the first place, i think i would have made one so that the blocks went the opposite diagonal.
also when pulling out this fabric, i realized that besides the recently done fat cats quilt, nothing i had done yet was anyway boy related. these penguins were a nice find in my fabric box to mix things up a little bit from the pink and purple girly-ness that has happened so far. but looking at the contents of the box... i'm sure there is more of that yet to come!
this pattern was really fun, and the directions were super easy to follow.  even better, i didn't screw up and have to seam rip any rows out (or fix any upside down penguins)  plus, all that penguin fabric is out of my box and on it's way to be donated!
quilt pattern here: double four patch pattern
stash busting quilt total: 5

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  1. Yup! I love it. Those penguins are so cute and I love the vibrant colors.