Tuesday, April 2, 2013

march - instagram lookback

as quick as march came, apparently it is over now.  2013 is zooming by like crazy!  here are a few instagram highlights from last month.
- went to SF for a little part 2 & 3 photo shoot with megan & her husband john.  we did part 1 at the end of april in penryn, and it was faaaaantastic.  in SF, we hit up this awesome hill spot, legion of honor & baker beach.  all in one day.  you can check them out over on the photog bliggity blog
- the following saturday was another photo shoot with melissa & her boyfriend trevor.  we stuck to the streets of loomis, newcastle & auburn for some nerdy photo goodness.  those are also up on the photo blog. seriously.  just follow me over there too.  more friends in more places, yo.
- i had a double header job interview.  sorta.  friday i interviewed one place, monday i interviewed another (and was hired on the spot.  whoop whoop)  you are now looking at the newest play center employee at broadstone racquet club in folsom.
- basically, my computer had some brutal heat problems... in which the boyfriend and i learned how to open up my computer and found it was dusty to the max.  like, two years worth of dust.  so needless to say, it got a good cleaning and has been running quite well since.  minus the internet problems, but that's probably because i'm at the way far end of the house.
- i lost the coin toss, and had to go see olympus has fallen.  if you like bloody shoot 'em up movies, then this is the movie for you.  not my taste.  at all.  hopefully i'll win a coin toss for something soon.... i really want to see admission... hmmmm.
- for my birthday last year, i was gifted a pair of toms of my choice.  well, i finally found a pair, and went to get them.  the size 10s i tried on were HUGE, so she (sales lady) convinced me on the 9.5 pair.  yeah, it was all bad.  so i returned them... but when i tried on a size 10 again, they fit fantastically, so the glitter shoes became mine.  or in the words of the boy's brother... "it looks like a stripper threw up on your shoes".... *sigh*
- i managed to knock out a stash buster quilt for the month (as you all saw in the post prior to this) and still think it's pretty cute.  so yeah, it did make it to instagram, as well as this post.
- aileen turned 17 last friday... say whaaaaaat? so we ventured to SF after i got done at the play center.  we hit up the jessica mcclintock outlet (not that great) as well as a few basic tourist places (ghiradelli square, pier 39).  BUT the big deal was finally seeing the full house house.  totally not the area you envision it in from the tv show... but it was still pretty cool.  i can now cross that sucker off my bucket list.
- on easter, i put my super hunky boyfriend to work.  after brunch with his parents, brother and their neighbor, he assembled my entire set up for my bridal show display.  i was told there was a "no camera" policy once he started using his mom's sunglasses for safety goggles... so unfortunately this is as good as it gets.  now it's down to my job of wood putty filling screw holes & painting.  yeah, i got pretty lucky with my free labor having a construction degree :)

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