Friday, April 12, 2013

day 11:30 - 30 day challenge

day 11: favorite tv shows
much like day 7 with the favorite movies list, i'm so glad this is plural.  though, this time i'm a little more direct in picking favorite shows i love to watch right now.  it has stayed pretty consistent  the list is just a decent length.  with that said, i'll do two lists.  one with shows that i watch on a regular basis, and one of shows that i haven't watched in a long time, would like to own the seasons on dvd, but still have love for those shows.  i'll do both in abc order, just to show no extra love for one show over another.  and believe me, the current shows list is like 90% of our dvr... as pointed out by my brother.
the "i watch these every week" list
big bang theory
four weddings
friends (not dvr-ed, but i still watch it ALL the time on nick @ night, tbc & whatever else)
go on
how i met your mother
last man standing
melissa & joey
mobbed (off/short season show)
my fair wedding w/ david tutera
new girl
say yes to the dress (new york, atlanta, bridesmaids... all of them)
something borrowed, something new
so you think you can dance (when it's summer season)
what not to wear
the "i love these shows and would marathon them" list
ace of cakes
full house
home improvement
sabrina the teenage witch
what i like about you
whose line is it anyways? (totally coming back on air!!)
i love the fact that new shows have been created using some of my favorite actors/actresses from the 90s shows i grew up with (or started watching a few years ago in the case of friends)
matthew perry went from friends, to mr. sunshine (which i liked... but apparently nobody else did...) and now to go on.
melissa joan hart grew up from sabrina on to melissa of melissa & joey
and well... bob saget wasn't my favorite from full house... at all... but he went from being the clean freak wake up SF dad of full house on to the now ominous dad voice telling the story of how i met your mother. and dave coulier was a guest star a few weeks back.  so i guess that counts too :)
sadly, i miss amanda bynes and her acting career.  i follow her on twitter these days, and she just doesn't seem the same as she used to be.  i guess that's what happens when you're a teenage icon and then you grow up.
last note: ace of cakes, come back!  i miss you, and cake boss is lame... that is all.

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