Monday, April 8, 2013

day 7:30 - 30 day challenge

day 7: favorite movies
alright... i'll try and keep this list short... but i can't guarantee anything.  i have never really been able to pin point one true favorite movie, so i'm super glad today's item was a plural situation :)  i really do enjoy movies.  there is something about them and the way they can transport you to a different world unlike your own.  my 2012 of movie watching was awesome, thinking back on it makes me miss my netflix dvd account... but then i remember once i met the boy, my movie watching nights were cut very slim.  to recap on all the movies i saw in 2012, click here.  of course, my list of favorites could go on forever, all for very different reasons.  so here is the list as of april 2013
in no specific "i love you more than the rest" order:
- mrs. doubtfire
- bridesmaids
- crazy, stupid, love
- mean girls
- toy story (all three, of course)
- i am sam
- forrest gump
- 27 dresses
- silver linings playbook
- date night
as you can tell, i do love my comedies. both romanticaly girly and hilariously funny will do it for me.  i do also enjoy a fair amount of dramas, and even the occasional action movie.  what movie genre will you almost NEVER be able to get me to watch?  horror.  i just can't do it.  i was swayed to go see "cloverfield" once... ugh it was HORRIBLE.  never again.  not on a big screen, barely on a small screen.  well, on that note, i'm going to leave you with this fantastic scene from the most recent movie i watched, big fish.

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